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Watch: Reaching Zero - How legal services can accelerate the transition

As part of London Climate Action Week, Slaughter and May collaborated with Net Zero Lawyers Alliance to host a panel discussion about why lawyers and the advice they provide are so critical to limiting warming to 1.5°C. We discussed how law firms can play a constructive and positive role in the climate emergency, and considered the role of transparency and disclosure and how it might impact clients' decision-making in relation to engaging legal counsel. A full recording of the discussion is available to watch now. 


  • Jeff Twentyman, Partner and Head of Sustainability, Slaughter and May
  • David Hunter, Senior Counsel, Bates Wells
  • Wendy Miles QC, Barrister, 20 Essex
  • Vesselina Haralampieva, Senior Counsel, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London
  • Christy Baker, Group Legal Director and Data Protection Officer, FirstGroup plc.


decarbonisation, due diligence, social impact, governance, reporting, nzla